The 2021 Yiyuan Technology Xunliao Bay team building activity has come to a successful conclusion!

Information from:the Internet posted on:2021-08-04

In the early morning of July 29, 2021, we packed up and embarked on a seaside trip to Xunliao Bay. Life is not only the "work" in front of us, but also the sea and the distance. We set off in a colorful and colorful July.

The first stop came to Xunliao Bay, and the sky started to rain lightly.


Of course, we can't resist our playfulness! Feel the vastness of the sea on a yacht, and laughter and laughter pervades the surface of the sea.



With the passage of time, we came to the restaurant to taste the specialties of the sea, such as scallops, sea prawns, clams, crabs...all kinds of dishes are delicious, bright in color, mellow in smell, no fishy but not greasy to our stomachs. Very satisfied.



Tug of war, feel the collective power

At the beginning, the scene turned from low tide to high tide, and everyone's cheers melted into one. The adults played the game, and the children shouted ‘Come on!’ come on! Come on! ....’&Nbsp;  With the sound of a whistle, the game finally began. Everyone was refreshed, one by one, like little bullfrogs, desperately pulling the rope, and no one let anyone else. We gritted our teeth, endured the pain, and thought: we must persevere, we must not relax, we must win, we must win.





In the evening, everyone was eating barbecue at the beach, drinking small drinks, watching fireworks, singing songs, playing games and enjoying the beach at night comfortably.


Happy times always pass very fast, the world of Qingqing left our footprints and our laughter, but the good memories and happy mood are brought back by us! And, it will continue...




Thanks for the platform given by the company, and grateful to everyone around us. Finally, I would like to thank my friends for their hard work, hard work, dedication and persistence during this period. There are laughs and tears, cheers and disappointments. In any case, you must go all out next, take out your best state, make the most adequate preparations, swear to achieve your goals, and never give up!

We are family!